The Federal Government has announced the membership of a panel tasked with reducing the education gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.


Emeritus Professor Paul Hughes has been announced as chair of the First Peoples Education Advisory Group, which held its first meeting earlier this week.


The group includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representatives from academia, school education, early childhood education and community organisations.


The members are:

  • Chair: Emeritus Professor Paul Hughes AM, FACE, David Unaipon College of Indigenous Education and Research
  • Professor Mark Rose, PhD, M Ed Admin, BA, Dip T, Chair, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Institute of Koori Education, Deakin University;
  • Dr Kaye Price, PhD, M Ed, B Ed, Dip Teach, FACE, Aboriginal Education Consultant and lecturer in education, Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges, University of Southern Queensland;
  • Ms Judith Ketchell, Executive Principal of Tagai State College Thursday Island;
  • Professor Steve Larkin, Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Leadership, Charles Darwin University and Chairperson of the Indigenous Higher Education Advisory Council;
  • Professor Muriel Bamblett, AM, CEO of the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency;
  • Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney PhD, MACE, Dean and Professor of Aboriginal Education, University of Adelaide;
  • Professor Peter Buckskin, PSM, FACE, Chairperson of the SA Aboriginal Education and Training Consultative Body and Dean, David Unaipon College of Indigenous Education and Research;
  • Ms Dyonne Anderson, Chair, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Principals’ Association;
  • Ms Cindy Berwick, President, NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group;
  • Ms Donna Bridge, Principal, Fitzroy Valley Primary School, WA; and
  • Ms Carol Garlett, Chairperson, Western Australian Aboriginal Education and Training Council.