The Federal Government has released a report outlining a comprehensive roadmap aimed at breaking down the barriers faced by Indigenous students to a university education and creating a new generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander professionals.


The Review of Higher Education Access and Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People report was commissioned by the Government to drive equity, parity and participation of Indigenous Australians at universities.


Launching the report, Federal Minister for Tertiary Education, Senator Chris Evans, said  the Government planned to use the report as a roadmap to work with universities to further improve access and outcomes for Indigenous students.


"International experience shows us that producing more Indigenous graduates, qualified to take up professional and leadership roles in business and government, will help address disadvantage in the Indigenous community," Senator Evans said.


"The Government is committed to providing all Indigenous students who have the ability and commitment the opportunity to achieve professional qualifications.


The Chair of the review, Professor Larissa Behrendt, said improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in higher education benefits everyone


"We know individuals benefit through increased health, education and economic outcomes,” Professor Behrendt said.


"We know communities benefit from increased expertise, role models and leadership."