Reports say rich private schools earmarked for cuts under Gonski 2.0 have in fact seen their proportion of taxpayer money increase.

The Turnbull government last year announced that 24 independent and Catholic schools would lose funding under the Gonski 2.0 school funding agreement because they had been getting more than their fair share of funding.

The schools included private institutions that cost over $20,000 a year to attend.

However, reports this week say all 24 of the schools set to lose money actually saw an increase this year in the form of bonus funding.

The extra money was put forward as a fund to help private schools cope with the transition to the new funding model.

The $7.1 million transition fund was advertised as “additional financial assistance” for schools with less than 3 per cent per student funding growth in 2018.

The fund has been distributed to 102 overfunded non-government schools in Australia, including the 24 schools on the so-called funding “hitlist”.

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