Four Australian universities are in the top 100 of the new Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2011.


The University of Melbourne is 45th in the list. The Australian National University and the University of Sydney are listed between 51-60 - the table doesn't assign individual rankings in the second group of 50 - and the University of Queensland is listed between 81-90.


Harvard University heads the table, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


US institutions take seven of the top 10 places, with the rest going to Britain's University of Cambridge and University of Oxford and the University of Tokyo.


The new ranking is based on a 2010 survey of more than 13,000 academics around the world. Those canvassed had been working in a higher education institution for more than 16 years and had published more than 50 research papers.

The reputation rankings are derived from the combined scores for research and teaching at a ratio of 2:1 in favour of research. They are based on the number of times an institution was nominated as "the best"in their field. Each respondent was able to nominate up to 10 institutions.


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