A report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that men continue to fare worse than women in education.


The report - Gender Indicators, Australia (cat. no. 4125.0) - analyses ABS and non-ABS data to look at the differences between men and women in a range of areas, and how the differences are changing over time.

The figures show that in 2011, 75% of boys entering high school were likely to be studying until Year 12, compared to 84% for girls.

The report also showed that this gap continues into adult life with only 30% of men aged 25-29 years having completed a bachelor degree or higher compared to 41% of women of the same age. For those that completed a Certificate III or above, the gap was smaller - 60% of men and 67% of women. Men are more likely than women to complete a Certificate III and IV as their pathway into employment.

To see the full range of indicators, and changes over time, see the full online product, Gender Indicators, Australia (cat. no. 4125.0).