The Federal Government has announced the formation of a panel of leading education and training experts that will advise the government on the National Trade Cadetship (NTC) and Indigenous Ranger Cadetship Initiatives.


The NTC, worth $40 million, will be used to promote vocational education as an option for students in years 9 and up under the new National Curriculum. The NTC will ensure a focus on pre-apprenticeship pathways for students in years 11 and 12 that will be carrying on to study in Trade Training Centres and other accredited training providers.


The panel, led by chair Professor Denise Bradley, will advise the Government on the best ways to ensure that students who want to pursue a vocation or trade are offered high-quality, nationally consistent learning pathways in schools.


The Federal Government has so far committed $3.1 million for the initial development of the scheme, while pledging $37.5 million over a three year period for workplace experience component of the initiative.