Australia’s leading science academies have come together to launch a COVID-19 expert database.

The searchable database of experts is designed to help governments, the business sector, the research sector and other decision-makers to easily access the expertise they need across many fields.

“If you have expertise that can contribute to the national and global effort to tackle and recover from COVID-19, we call on you to register on this database,” said Australian Academy of Science chief, Ms Anna-Maria Arabia.

“All fields of expertise including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, health, humanities, arts, and social science are needed. 

“Australia and the world will benefit from quick access to expertise that provides insights into the COVID-19 pandemic and its scientific, health, social, cultural and economic implications.

“The COVID-19 Expert Database is a public resource to inform decision-making in a fast-changing environment. By gathering the extraordinary expertise across our nation in one place, Australian academies offer governments and others an opportunity to consult experts and take actions that are evidence-informed and targeted.

“Cross-disciplinary research has been the key to solving many of the world’s greatest challenges and tackling COVID-19 will be no different,” Ms Arabia said.

The database is available at