A big player in the financial services education provision sector has put its support behind moves by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission away from overseeing training and education.

Earlier this week ASIC stated in a paper that it will no longer oversee training and education in the financial services market, nor will it continue the register of approved courses in nursing. The Kaplan Professional Education group says leaving education to the specialists is a good thing, now the training register has served its purpose.

The register was established to provide licensee with ongoing information about courses and training providers now Kaplan Professional Education general manager Brian Knight says licensees are aware of which courses “are rigorous and effective in preparing advisers for the role and which ones are superficial and not thoroughly assessed”.

“There are still obviously providers who offer quick and easy training solutions, but licensees and industry associations are well aware of this and do not encourage prospects to complete them,” Knight said, “We think associations such as the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and Financial Planning Association (FPA) can play an important role in recommending and approving robust and suitable training courses. We also have great confidence in the existing regulators which already regulate us.”