The Melbourne Business School and the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics have announced an agreement that will see the two collaborate in research and the teaching of business and economics.


Under the agreement, all graduate programs in business and economics, including the MBA, will be offered through Melbourne Business School, while academic resources will be shared across the university and MBS.


University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis said the collaborative agreement will unlock the potential in both institutions.


“This is a case where the sum of the whole is far greater than each of its constituent parts. The University admires greatly what MBS has achieved and is enormously proud of the outstanding reputation of the Faculty of Business and Economics, particularly around research, its Bachelor of Commerce and the impressive suite of graduate programs offered by its own graduate school,” Professor Davis said.


“Bringing the capacity of both entities more closely together provides all the ingredients necessary to gain for all business and economics disciplines at least the same top 25 international standing as the University currently enjoys in medicine, law and engineering.”


Under the collaboration, Professor Paul Kofman will continue as Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics and Professor Zeger Degraeve will continue as Dean of Melbourne Business School, and will also become Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics. They will have joint leadership over a shared academic staff.