The ACT Government has signed up to the Federal Government’s Gonski reforms of school education, with the deal set to secure funding for 62,000 ACT students.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, signed the agreement that will see the National Education Reform Agreement rolled out through the capital territory.

The agreement incorporates the National Plan for School Improvement, which will see the two Governments work together to achieve:

  • Continued improvement in teacher quality, through ensuring all ACT teachers are registered using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers;
  • Full delivery of the world class Australian Curriculum in all ACT schools;
  • More power for local school leaders through supporting principals to better monitor achievement and track progress to inform publicly available plans for school improvement;
  • Flexible learning options that recognise the different learning styles and needs of students, particularly those students at risk of being or already disengaged from school;
  • Implementation of the Disability Standards for Education to provide reasonable adjustments for students with a disability to access the curriculum;
  • Greater access to quality language programs, including priority Asian languages. 

As part of the National Plan, both Governments will also adopt consistent needs-based funding arrangements, with the Federal Government moving to legislate its funding commitments over coming weeks.