The final NAPLAN 2011 report has revealed that more than 93 per cent of Australian school students are achieving at or above the national minimum standard in reading, writing and numeracy.


The report shows that while overall results have remained steady since the first NAPLAN tests were held in 2008, there have been encouraging signs of student improvement in many year groups.


But it also confirms that there is still work ahead for governments, schools and the community to improve the results of regional and remote, low SES, and indigenous students, as well as lift our overall national performance.


Features of the 2011 NAPLAN report include:

  • In reading and numeracy, across all year levels, an average of 93.7 per cent of students are achieving at or above the national minimum standard, up from the average of 93.4 per cent in 2010.
  • Year 3 students have shown statistically significant improvements in reading, grammar and punctuation between 2008 and 2011.
  • Year 5 students have made statistically significant improvements in numeracy since 2008.
  • Statistically significant improvements were made by Indigenous students in both Year 3 numeracy and Year 9 reading.


Individual school results from the NAPLAN report will be released on the MySchool website in the coming weeks. The final report is available at